Football Federation

About the Federation

The Football Federation is the representative body for all small sided football within the UK. It manages the collective aims and objectives of the biggest providers of small sided football within the game with the purpose of representing its members' interests.

Defined as 5, 6 or 7 a-side, small sided football is the fastest growing form of football over the last twenty years and together the eight founder members account for over 75% of all small sided football teams.

With 88 centres across the UK around 336,000 players a week take part in one of 1,300 organised leagues.

Whilst taking a lead role in the promotion and regulation of the small sided game as well as the organising of national competitions, the Federation allows the members of the small sided football industry to act as one.

The Federation carries out activities that would be difficult or impossible for any single company, no matter how large, to undertake alone. In addition, it provides a means by which companies that are normally in competition can work together for the general good.

The Federation acts in its members interests to;

  • • Act as an effective and powerful lobby with a range of stakeholders
  • • Facilitate re-engineering the industries relationship with the English FA
  • • Leverage industry wide commercial opportunities
  • • Maintain and improve standards across the industry

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