Football Federation

The Football Federation's Aims and Objectives

As the representative body for the small sided game within the United Kingdom, the Federation’s aims are as follows.

To act as an effective and powerful lobby

The Federation allows the industry to collectively lobby with a diverse set of bodies in the wider interests of the industry including;

  • - The Government - on matters such the industries contribution to public policy agendas including health, education and social inclusion, and specifically key topics such as planning policy and business rates.
  • - National public sector agencies such as Sport England to demonstrate how the industry will in turn contribute towards their target of 1 million people more active by 2012.

To facilitate re-engineering the industries relationship with the English FA

The Federation will facilitate the re-engineering of the industries relationship and processes with the English FA in a positive and proactive manner. The new relationship will be sustainable and based on the principles of partnership and mutuality.

To leverage industry wide commercial opportunities

Whilst recognising the inherently competitive nature of the industry, and being fully aware of Company law, the Federation aims to leverage commercial opportunities that the industry as individual companies would struggle to achieve.

The Federation will only pursue commercial opportunities with the full consensual agreement of all its members and recognises and welcomes diversity in the services provided by its members and in no way will seek to compromise any members’ competitive advantage.

The Federation will create proposals around generating incremental revenue streams for its members. It will also consider reducing costs through either renegotiation of existing industry agreements or by collective procurement of certain items.

To maintain and improve standards across the industry

In consultation with the Membership Board, The Federation is drafting a series of standards for adoption across the industry in order to improve the overall standard and consumer experience. The subject matter for the standards are the discretion of the Membership Board and may include such topics as administration, refereeing, customer care, etc.

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